Imagine this; you are starting a new year at school at a distant place and forget the textbook of a crucial subject. Well, not everyone can get as lucky as Harry did. Nobody is going to come to your rescue with an old tattered copy of The Half-Blood Prince’s book that would transform your life completely. Now, jump back to the present world and imagine going on a road trip without a power bank or a protective cover for your body’s evolved external vein (none other than your smartphone)!

Sounds difficult right? Well for a person who is buying a smartphone for the first time, he might not ponder greatly on the accessories than on the phone he is supposed to purchase. But frankly, without a set of must-have accessories, your phone might be in a very vulnerable position when left in this world of internet and never-ending good content! Let’s make this task easy for you. We have come up with a list of the MUST have accessories that are required so as to protect as well as accentuate your phone. After all you don’t want your coolness quotient going down right?

Well for starters, as soon as you buy a new smartphone, make sure that it is well protected with a toughened glass (gorilla glass). For all the butterfingers who have a tendency to drop their phones way more than normal people, you need a really sturdy yet protective phone cover/case. It can either be custom-made or readymade. Make sure it fits your phone well and try to stick with authentic brands for best experience. Secondly, in this fast-paced world you might not have the time to wait for your phone to charge at the nearest plug point, hence it is always advised to purchase a power bank for, as the name suggests, emergency charging! Prefer a good brand for better battery life of the power bank. You could source original Philips products out of the ATI website and also save whilst buying the best quality, original Philips accessories

Who doesn’t need their me-time or no-nonsense time when traveling in a busy train or while trying to concentrate amongst your babbling co-workers? Earphones have become a necessity when buying a smartphone these days. Be it in any form like Bluetooth enabled or headphones, you definitely need those little moments of escape from the world through this little accessory. Another important accessory to make your work life easier is the USB OTG Flash-drive that can be effectively used for transferring data to your PC or recovering data from other sources. It efficiently eliminates the burden of carrying a pen drive and finding ways to transfer files to your phone offline.

Lastly, all a phone needs is a person who handles it well. So apart from treating your phone with numerous accessories, become a treat yourself. Be a good user, abstain from over-charging and use the memory efficiently. Clean the screen time to time and install only necessary apps! Happy smart-phoning!